Sune Kuntz

New design, new ideas

27. June 2017

I recently started working on a tabletop arcade machine, and while I was creating the mental blueprints for the project, I started wondering if it would be a good idea to turn my personal portfolio into a portfolio/project tutorial-“ish” fusion. I thought I’d give it a go and did a complete redesign of my website to accommodate this new idea. The result is what you see here. I added a new projects tab with an option to pick specific categories since I hope to do a lot of different projects during my summer vacation. I also added the option for people to comment on the individual projects. Further more, I added this “blog” section as a mean to communicate updates without having to clutter the projects tab. I have no idea as to how all of this is going to pan out – only time will tell.

I hope this change from a portfolio to a place where I can upload more incomplete (meaning something that isn’t meant to be sold or has been made as part of business), unprofessional, projects will help me to work on more stuff that I find interesting. I have a thousand ideas for projects I wanna build and create, but only a very little time and limited amount of recourses to make them, but hopefully this new approach for my website will help me learn, create, and explore future projects.  I welcome any idea or submission, so don’t hesitate by leaving a comment of contacting me!