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Sune Kuntz

My name is Sune. I’m a Danish maker hobbyist based in Odense with electronics and science as my main interests.

I’m currently studying at UCL to become a teacher in English, Physics/Chemistry, Biology, and Technology Understanding.

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Sune Kuntz
Sune Kuntz

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📣 Pssst!

I'm currently on the lookout for a teacher substitute job at a school in Odense, so if I haven't contacted you yet, contact me!


University College Lillebaelt logo

Teacher - UCL Business Academy and University College

PBA Teacher

2017 - Present

• English

• Physics

• Biology

• Technology Understanding

EAL logo

Multimediadesign - EAL Business Academy

AP Multimediadesign

2015 - 2017

• Communication

• Interaction & Programming

• Visualisation

• Business

H.C Ørsted Gymnasium logo

HTX - H.C Ørsted Gymnasium

Student exam

2012 - 2015

• English A

• Electrical Engineering A

• Communication & IT A

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